• Gregory Katz

Gum Stuck

tackling changes in life

When I was a kid I remember walking down the crowded city streets of Philadelphia looking in every store front and wondering about the people going in and out, what their lives were like, did they travel abroad, did they like expensive things, were they good people?

Then it happened... it always did.

I stepped in a piece of gum. It was so thick and slimmy that it took a few seconds to lift my foot up. It felt like quicksand. Of course I would look to see if it was really there but I knew. You always know... I would drag my sneakers on the cement to try and remove but eventually I’d have to find a twig or paper and wipe out the gum.


As an adult I’ve faced the same thing. I’ve stuck my shoes in the proverbial gum. It’s a sticky hot mess! The difference is recognizing your mistakes, your mishaps, making corrections and moving forward. I can’t claim to be smart but I try to take corrective action in my life as to not to repeat the mishaps. My advice - don't repeat them!!! Some are unavoidable but many we can recognize and ensure we change our attitude, our mind, and our actions. I’ll share my gum stuck moments, my art, my ramblings, my favorite artist, and obsession as I begin blogging. I hope you enjoy or at least chuckle.

Your gum stuck friend,



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